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I (Veronica Wynne-Hughes), a.k.a. Dream Manager want more people to challenge themselves, to achieve their wildest goals, to face their fears and doubts, to question the impossible, and to help save our planet.

Through AntarcTrip, I’d like to show the world, that ordinary people like you and me, without special skills, can achieve the most amazing things
if we set our minds to it.

We all have dreams: you, me, as well as our planet. And we can all work on them together. I’m starting a huge media campaign under the hashtag #DreamManager where I want you all to post about how you’re working towards your goals, and how you’re doing your bit for the planet.

Please, donate my Antartic expedition!

click on my donation site: gofundme.com/dreammanager

Here, you can see the progress I made:

my first solo mini expedition this January in Hungary as a total beginner

getting my bearings on my first official polar training course in Norway in February

being the first Hungarian ever to do an expedition across the Northwest Passage in May

All these were completed as preparation for the big one: Antarctica!

Training 100%
Equipment 60%
Fitness 90%
Fundraising 35%